losing leaves from Bonsai

hamey(Z9 FLA Pasco County)May 24, 2007

HEY Ya'll

Got a bonsai for mothers day shipped to me in a box.. A teenie geenie. It was doing well after I put it outside (right away) it even started making new leaves. I'm afraid of over watering it but this is Fla. and no rain for mos or any in sight. I just now put it on a bed of rock in a clay tray with water, cause when I looked at it I saw the leaves all dried and falling then took my hand and went over the whole thing and nearly balded it !!!!! Did it dry out? May be I should look at the roots and see if its root bound. The literature did say it was a 3 yr old. It also suggests a book called Bonsai 101. Hope someone can help me.. I had a Bonsai one other time and it finally died after being in my hands for about 2 yrs. I got it by default when my Grandmother went North for a while. Also when this one came out of the box there were a few broken pieces, which I put root tone on and planted. Think I'll have any luck with that? Thanks in Advance, Karen

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Genies like to be on the dry side, but with lots of humidity and good sun. If you've checked for spider mites, and not found any, I'd see if I can get it refunded or exchanged (speak to whoever got it for you re the address) because unless you drowned it, stuck in full sun all day immediately without acclimatizing it more slowly, found it bone dry to begin with but still didn't water at all, or any other drastic thing you can think of, I think you got a lemon.

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hamey(Z9 FLA Pasco County)

Thanks for your quick response! This one came out of the box nice and moist in fact the papers were all stuck together and we had to wait for them to dry to read them. Don't think it's the fault of the company. I like to try new things and Bonsai is one of them but I want success (who doesn't) I did not acclimate it to our weather and didn't even think of it to be honest. Its not in full sun but it is a filtered sunny location. And the past few days we've had 'wind alerts" so thats been drying everything out even at a faster pace. I'll keep my eye on it and see how it does .. I should leave it out side huh.. and do you know what about the little cuttings I'm trying to root? Karen

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Not really... it'll just depend on the plant and luck I guess - be patient though, I think they might take a while (wait til you see new leaves emerge).

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Found this for you, Karen. It looks like it may have been the drying out. A lot of your watering habits will depend on the soil, but this tree is a sub-tropical and will like even water. You should be watering everyday but if the soil is not free-draining enough or has too much clay, this will drowned the plant. It should be okay outside especially if it is in partial shade which it would prefer there. Your rainy season is about to start (at least as I remember if you're in or around central Florida). It should be humid enough even without the pebble tray. I am in Houston, and we have similar weather to the Orlando area. Beautiful weather, then quick afternoon seabreeze showers. I hope the link helps below. It has some good info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Info on Teenie Geenie

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Tanya, with all due respect, please stop contradicting everything I say. You are entitled to an opinion, but by your own admission some time ago, you are rather new at bonsai and it might not be a bad idea if you could hold off on occasion with your advice. You may have found some info that says you should water every day - maybe they're writing from Arizona with a tree planted in straight gravel, etc., maybe not, but most people I know who've grown them as bonsai (and mostly indoors due to weather) do not water daily or anything like it, and it's probably best to hold back unless you are very sure of what you're doing.

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Hey Lucy,
I'm sorry to offend you. I didn't mean to. I am new to this, admittedly so. I went and looked in several of the books I had (not only on the internet) and it said if this particular plant is kept OUTSIDE it should be watered everyday. This, of course, only works if it is in the right soil. I find it interesting that so many books written by people who are supposedly experts contradict so much of what is read on here. I know that books are usually just general info and not practical hands on. It just seems strange to me that all these bonsai artist who write these books would dole out incorrect information.
Once again, I was only repeating what I looked up for Karen since I figured she didn't have any literature other than the silly pamphlet that comes with the plant. If it's wrong then I guess I have to get my money back on all my books because they are all wrong. I'm starting to doubt that anyone can learn anything any other way other than experience in their own situation, in their own climate. Too much of the information given contradicts everyone else's. And by all means, in THIS country of freedom of speech, I'll shut my mouth. And I suppose find a friendlier forum.

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hamey(Z9 FLA Pasco County)

WOW you guys!!
We are all just trying to help each other. No one is perfect and theres never just 1 answer to a question or problem. I love this place - these forums. It's Memorial Day weekend and a free country because of those who are taking care of our freedom and that includes speech. I appreciate what all ya'll have offered.. please stop bickering though. It's very unbecoming to the website. WCWAJGA? Karen. P.S. I sprayed the plant with water put a baggie over it lightly and will keep both eyes on it.. I really think our windy situation right now has a lot to do with what happened. because one day some of my plants look great and the next they're wilted and look like they're dying. Thanks again

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Tanya please don't go, I just needed to horn in there because it's important that newbies not go away with info. that's ... less likely to help them (than some other info.). Books are notorious for being either contradictory or just plain wrong, some are out of date, others written by people with a narrow (local) focus, and others so confusing you can't tell what they mean... kinda like all the websites we go to :-). There are many very good ones of course, but you have to get to know which is which, and take all with a few grains of salt - and you're very right, experience is a great teacher. Stick around for crying out loud because you do have plenty to contribute.

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