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tugbrethilJanuary 12, 2010

Candia Tulips (Tulipa saxatilis) planted Dec. 7th are sprouting!! Maybe no big deal for most of you, but this is the first time with this species for me, and the first time for sprouts this early on a tulip with no special chilling in my subtropical garden! Will continue to post as signifigant events occur with this species--maybe useful for mild-climate gardeners.


Kevin : )

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That's great! One of the nice things about being in zone 9 is that the bulbs are likely to sprout earlier and live when they do. Good luck!

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Curious how sprouting is so subject to random factors. I planted all of them 5 inches deep, in the same type of soil, in the same sun exposure, in groups of six, and gave them all the same watering. One group has 5 sprouts, two have none, and the rest range in between. I'm not really worried--it's still early days--but I wonder what caused such massive variation?

Most of the sprouts are even bigger than the original bulbs, but a few new ones came up this morning: they seem to like the rain we have been having. Far better than the last time I tried to grow "low chill" tulips, about thirty years ago. The pea-sized bulbs looked like ryegrass seedlings when they sprouted! That was T. clusiana, hopefully not typical of that species, either.

Can't wait!!
Kevin : ])

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All except one group of bulbs is up, but only 5 sprouts per group, and the last group had only one. I wonder what I did differently with that one? Still, the sprouts are beautiful: broad, semi-succulent, glossy, bright green shoots 2-3 inches tall. Not surprisingly, no sign of flower buds yet, nor even a second leaf. Will post future developments.

Kevin : )

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The sprouts seem to be nearing full development: one leaf per bulb,5"-6" long, 3"-4" wide. I saw a picture of T. saxatilis blooming in habitat on Crete:


It seemed that most of the flowering plants had two or three leaves. Should I be concerned that mine only have one each? Or are they likely to bloom anyway, possibly producing more leaves just before the buds appear? I feel very much out on the frontier, though I doubt that I'm the first member to deal with this species.

Any info welcome!
Kevin : )

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A few extra sprouts after that last rain, but otherwise "All quiet on the Southwestern front." No sign of flower buds yet. Apparently in Crete, they bloom from March to April, so I must simply posess myself of patience.

Kevin : )

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Still no sign of bloom. Can someone tell me when this species is supposed to bloom, please?

Thank you!
Kevin : )

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