grape hyacinth up in refrig. take out???

scully931(6)February 20, 2010


I planted some muscari and muscari latifolium that I planted and put in the refrigerator sometime before Christmas. (Within a couple weeks of Dec. 25th)

I accidentally through out the calendar on which I wrote down the exact date. However, I wrote on my new caldendar that they should come out on March 15.

However, all the pots are showing quite a bit of growth and one is at least three or four inches high. I'm worried they're just going to keep growing and not have the light they need. Any thoughts?

I have a three season room I could put them in.

Thank you for any advice!

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I don't see any reason to leave them in the refrigerator in darkness. Why not enjoy them now? At least bring out the pot that is most advanced in growth.

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Well I have advice. But first I need to know if you were growing these in the fridge for indoors? Or maybe you were putting them there for outside in the spring?

If you were planning on putting them outside, and you think there growing too quickly, if possible, Turn down the temperature of your fridge, That should slow them. I have expereince in this, I put spring flowers in the fridge every year for my main garden, I actually put mine in around the same date you put yours in, some of mine are also getting shoots. But I just turned down the fridge in temp, and they will be fine until Spring. This should work if you were planing to have them for outside.

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Thank you for your responses.

They were meant to enjoy indoors. My fear is they didn't get enough cold to set bloom. :-/

Thanks again!

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

FWIW - Muscari usually start into leaf toward the end of summer and can handle 5-7 degrees of frost with no damage at all. They don't need fridge time.

What they definitely do need, though, is frequent thinning out of the spawn bulbs and replanting of the bigger bulbs to get a good show of flowers.

You could maybe move them to bright light with no direct sun to get them to green up and harden off. Then move them onto a sunny windowsill.

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Great. I'll put them in the chilly sun room, but out of direct light. Thanks!

Whew. Tulips are out and now the hyacinths. Can finally go grocery shopping. :-)

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