forgot to plant bulbs

bunkers(z5 CO)February 8, 2009

So feeling rather stupid ... I just found a couple bags of daffs and hyacinths that never got planeted.

Now what should I do? Can they be kept till next fall, or should I just throw in the ground and hope for luck?

Just need advice on what to do?

El' 6500' in Colorado ... sometimes I snows here till mid May.



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Stick them in the fridge if kept in a warm spot and plant them out in the spring. If they've been kept in a cool area, you could just plant them now and hope for blooms.

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bunkers(z5 CO)

Well, they were in the garage ... and it probably got down to 25-30 there for a couple weeks in Dec ... and its been 30-40 in there since ... is that cold enough?

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Yes.....pot 'em up :-) Discard any that are soft or mushy. Unless they've developed some root growth while in storage in the garage they probably won't bloom this season (likely too late to get any decent growth and flower development now) but they should be fine next season. You can plant them in the ground when your weather and soil conditions permit and treat just like any other bulbs, allowing the foliage to ripen and die off naturally.

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bunkers(z5 CO)

Thanks everyone!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I'm near your zone, and also have bulbs that I did not get planted before the ground froze and then snow set in. They were very late season sale bulbs.

The snow and ground has now thawed here, and above normal temps are expected for a week or so, so I'll be planting them in the ground here in the next few days. I'll probably mulch them well in case the ground freezes again before they have time to root in and get established.


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I grow all my Bulbs potted and then stuck in the fridge from end of Dec to April 1st first I had great luck with blooms! You might still have time to do this, if it stays cool in your Garage just put them in pots and leave them in there... water them every so often, they should develop roots if it cool, and by spring They should grow, and even bloom I had 10 blooms from my daffodils last spring and now I'm growing more in the fridge, hope this helps give you some ideas.

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Hope you had a refrigerator dedicated to this process :-) Bowls of potted bulbs take up a lot of room, not to mention maybe not offering the most hygenic conditions to any edibles that you may be storing in the frig. And many fruits and vegetables emit gasses that will stunt growth and cause the bulbs not to bloom so storing them away from any produce - as in not in the same refrigerator - is a requirement.

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