Crocus have less blooms.

hostalover360(4)February 25, 2009

I have been helping a lot of people here lately, and now I need some help myself. I have these Crocus planted in a patch in our Front yard. They are going on there 5th spring. I Remember they did not bloom the first year. Then the second year they bloomed great! there were White yellow and Purple. the year after that they did pretty good, but a few less blooms. Last spring, There were only 2 flowers a Purple one and a yellow one. I let the grass in the area stay long to let the foliage die back. and I give some weak fertilizer in spring just as the leaves come up. they always get nice thick leaves. I remember these Crocuses down the road that bloom so bright and full every year, and they did nothing to them. anyone have any ideas? there in a Sunny spot.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

It may be one of those quirks of garden soil - like 'why do my mother's Lachenalias flourish and mine cower?' (She has a silty loam and mine has more clay even though we live near each other.)

Or drainage and aspect.

Or feeding later in spring with a mix that has more potash to help set the flowers for the coming season. (Tomato fertiliser can be useful.)

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