tulip bulbs problem

naywayFebruary 17, 2009

Hello everybody!

I'm new to this, and gardening in general, and need suggestions as to what I should do with my tulip bulbs. I bought them in October, meaning to put them in the fridge etc, but totally forgot. They sat in a dark drawer in a cabinet in my appartment. I got them out today, and they've developed little 'tails'- yellow pointy bits, 1/2 inch-1 inch long. Can I still put them in the fridge and do the whole forcing thing, or should I plant them straight away? Thank you for any help you can give me.

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All you can do now is plant them or throw them away. Your post gives no clue to your zone so we can't guess if you will enough chilling temperatures left for your tulips. They will not be any good if saved for next year without planting. Al

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Ok I have an idea for you. it would really help if I knew what zone you were in. Try planting them is some dirt in a cool spot. thats dark, if you plant them and put them is a sunny spot thats warm they will grow too quickly and not produce any roots, what you want is for them to produce at least some roots, then they should be fine. Try putting them in pots and put them in the fridge Away from fruits, you can also put them in a garage thats dark. With any luck they will develop enough roots to grow and even bloom!, calistoga is right, not planting them will likely result in the death of the tulips. I hope this help give you some ideas, if you need more information on this idea just ask!

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