termites in raised cypress wood bed

jennycraigJanuary 4, 2013

hello everyone,

i have discovered termites around my raised vegetable bed - that is made of cypress wood. we chose cypress wood because termites aren't supposed to like cypress. i know that i cannot treat the wood, otherwise the poison will leech into my garden soil and into my veggies. any suggestions?

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According to the article I just posted, organic methods can include orange oil or neem oil, or borax, which are all non-toxic to humans and pets. Are the termites actually eating the wood, or are they just living near it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Pest Control for Termites

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Thank you so much for responding! The termites are in the soil, I cannot tell yet if they are eating the wood. I am going to read your article now!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Are you certain that they are termites?

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I used to work in pest control, FYI. You're going to see termites in soil everywhere, especially when the surface soil is warmer. Unless you use a termiticide, you will continue to see termites. Just so you know, if you don't have edible foods planted in the area, and are not planting edible foods in the area, then putting termiticide around the cypress won't hurt regular growing ornamentals. It's expensive to do, however, and most companies will try to talk you out of it, because of that. Termites have a job to do in the ecosystem, so if they're not on or in your house, you should just let them do what they do in the yard.

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We had problems with termites for 30 years.
First episode which was treated by a professional co, was to drill holes inside and outside of our home, and blow in what they called a barrier, didnt kill, just kept them away.
$2000.00 for that one.15 years later..their back again..
New treatment and it works.
A termite needs to shed to grow, if they do not shed they die a natural death.
Tubes are placed in the soil with bait sticks that termites enjoy eating, when termites are detected these bait sticks are removed and special sticks are added into these tubes.
They enjoy eating this stuff also.
When they go back to their buddies they inform them how delicious this meal is, they all go and eat.
When termites eat this material they continue on with their lives, however when it comes time to shed they die, because this material keeps them from shedding.
The colony that was here isn't any more.
If you use a termite killer, it only kills the termites affected and not the colony, you want to eliminate the colony.

Why not look into using these baits for your termites, no affect on your garden such as a chemical material would have..
If I'm not mistaken I have seen these items on a small scale at our local Lowes store.
I'll try to remember to get a photo of one of these stations later on..

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