Trunk Chop SOS

graycamMay 8, 2009


I live in the Pacific Northwest.

I did a trunk chop of a Japanese Maple in late winter (march). So far no new buds have sprouted out of the chopped trunk. Trunk still seems green when scratched.

Am I out of luck, or can I still expect new growth to emerge on the trunk later this spring / summer?


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If it is an older tree it may take a few more weeks. It is still rather cool in your part of the world, give it time.

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I'm in the south and a Jap. Maple that is in a pot has just started to bud out. The other one sprouted and is in full foliage. They will eventually get chopped for bonsai. I would plant them in the yard but I live with a bonsai guy. It's a battle, will I get it in the yard before he gets it in a bonsai container?
Tally HO!

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