Forcing daffodil bulbs

forensicmomFebruary 17, 2010

I am new to this and I'm having a problem. I am using a glass container with water in the bottom, where the bulb sits above the water. For some reason, it grows perfectly and when the leaves are about 2" tall, it starts flowering. The same thing happened with my hyacinth bulb.

I just read that when you start them, you're supposed to leave them in a dark cool place for a few weeks before you bring them out into the bright light. Is that true? Mine have been in the bright window since the beginning.

COuld that be the problem?

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Taken from the link below:
Common Name Weeks of Cold

Daffodil 15 weeks
Hyacinth 11-14 weeks


After bulbs have been chilled, bring the pots inside for blooming. Check the pots to see if the bulbs have produced an adequate root system (look to see if any roots are visible through the drainage holes). The number of weeks it takes before the plants actually bloom depends on the environmental factors in the home, but the average is two to three weeks.

Water the pots thoroughly when bringing them inside. Place pots in a cool area of the home (high light intensity is not important at this point) and leave pots in a cool location until active growth is visible. Take care not to over-water. Once active growth begins, you can move the pots to a warmer location that receives more light. Forcing bulbs slowly is more desirable than placing them directly in a bright, warm location. The quick transition from chilling to warm temperatures can sometimes "blast" the buds, which means everything moves too fast and the bulbs do not bloom. Because of the warmer indoor temperatures, flowers from bulbs that are forced indoors do not last as long as outdoor flowers. Forcing several containers of bulbs on a staggered schedule extends the indoor display.

Did you give them a long enough chill period? Did you wait until active growth was visible before bringing them in to a warmer area with light? It sounds like maybe yours were forced too fast.


Here is a link that might be useful: Forcing Bulbs

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