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oldaleMay 24, 2007

Hi I have just purchased a ficus bonsia, and I am very upset to see it loosing leaves. they are not turning yellow, but when they have dropped off the tree the stalk where it has dropped off is black. The tree is inside and I have had the tree for 3 weeks now, it has only just started happedning, can anyone give me some advice please? does it need to be outside? am I watering it wrong? or will it settle down when it is used to its new position? thanks Paula

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Hard to know how you're watering (you didn't explain), but blackness usually means rotting somewhere, which usually means way too much water or a fungus that existed previously. Take it out of the pot and cut away any roots that are mushy. Repot into a fast draining with lots of grit (perlite, small aquarium gravel) in it - no shards or anything on the bottom though - and water only when a lot of the mix has dried out unless leaves actually droop (after a drying out time). After repotting, use a house plant fungicide with the first watering. Keep it in the most sun you have, don't let the pot ever sit in drain water, but do keep a wide saucer of stones and water underneath, with water not reaching the pot, as it does need humidity (and spraying doesn't work!).

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