Boxwood Bonsai Half Dead, I don't like this

bonsai_benMay 22, 2009


I have been the proud owner of a cute little boxwood for almost 4 years now, and it has always been very hardy. Over the winter time this year, it was too close to a window and resulted in losing all of it's leaves... I kept it warmer and payed close attention to watering, and now the branches on one side of the tree are growing very strongly, however the other half of the tree is quite dead.

Is there any way to encourage the tree to start growing new branches off the dead side? I'm quite amateur at caring for a bonsai properly, but I try my best, and I really like this little guy!

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

A picture can be seen at

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You've probably got back all you're gonna get. Most Boxwood are hardy evergreen and unless grown in a tropical climate (sometimes) when you lose the leaves they won't recover. From the look of the tree I'd say you were just keeping it alive and it wasn't really growing well.
I don't know where you live but if the tree was northern hardy it shouldn't have been kept inside all year long but allowed to go dormant in the winter.
I would say it slowly went downhill over the years till you 'toasted' it.

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