have the bilbs, now what?

maidinmontanaFebruary 25, 2009

I bought three bags of bulbs last fall. Our winter came so early Ididn't get them in the ground, and I was planning on forcing some for indoors. Anyway, I still have them (king Alfred daffs, red impression tulips and blue hyacinth)My ground is still frozen so planting outside isn't an option. 8 weeks in the fridge I think would be too late. Should I just wait til spring and plant them outside and if so, will it hurt them to skip a growing season? Thanks to any and all.

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If I were you I would pot them up and put them in the Fridge or cool and DARK area where temps are between 32.F and 40.F. this should get them to form somewhat of a root system before the ground thaws. I would get them in the fridge of cool Dark are right away. and I would let be cool and dark at least for all of March. then you can plant them outside. don't forget to keep the moist to help form roots. If you wait until spring to plant them outside without giving them a cool treatment it might mess up there growing season. I have King alfred daffodils and tulips in the fridge right now and it only took about a month to form little roots. hope this helps you.

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