crocus blooming on attic steps

jewelbeetleFebruary 23, 2010

Hi there everyone---Ihad to move all my entire garden in 2009 so I had various rescued bulbs in containers in dec, I brought them in so they wouldnt freeze above ground. They were ok, now they are trying to bloom on the attic steps. Daffs are poking up outside where the snow is melted near the house. There is other bulbs in these containers in the attic. I don't know what to do. Should I plant them outside already? I got spring fever in Md.

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Just go ahead and place the conatiners outside now. Plant in the ground when your soil becomes workable (no longer frozen or too wet). A container of blooming crocus on the front porch or entry stairs would be a very colorful welcome :-))

FWIW, a potted container of bulbs is unlikely to freeze solid or turn to mush in zone 7, despite your recent cold weather and lots of snow.

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I put them out on Feb. 24th and you should see them now!!! Thank you so much for the advise, I really didn't think they would be ok. After their done at least I will know where to place them in the garden because most everything will be up.

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