Diamond Head Elephant Ear

Mickie Marquis(6 SW Ohio)February 16, 2009

Does anyone have experience growing the 'Diamond Head' Elephant Ear? The description says it has a glossy leaf and otherwise like the 'Black Magic'.

If you know, is it as deep black & how tall does it get?

Thanks in advance.


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I'm sorry I don't know much, I've only grown the green type and they don't really like growing in Wisconsin much! they did not start to sprout until frost!

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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

I grew Diamond Head last year and loved it. Am waiting to see if it will return out in the garden this year, but I potted up an offset and have it in the garage just in case. It has a great sheen (and therefore light reflective quality) to the leaves and has a different look than 'Black Magic' because of that, but I'd call it 'equally' black in its impact in the garden. Mine was about 3' tall but would probably have been taller if I'd watered it.

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