mrsjoycehFebruary 10, 2012

Yesterday I planted 2 dozen ranunculas upside down. It woukld be rather difficult to dig them up now as I planted them amongst other things. My question is, will they right themselves?

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

I am not sure if they will make the turn or not, but would probably dig them now and turn them over, Squirrels turn them over for me and I have to replant them. Al

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they are worth the trouble. Sorry, my first try I did the same thing and didn't get any flowers. Could have been something else, but once you have flowers you will be glad you turned them over.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

This year I bought a package of 100 Ranunculus from Costco, just an impulse buy. I have no place for them in the garden so have them all planted in containers. Two 3 gallon pots I use for spot color at my garden downtown, I kept in my unheated greenhouse where I could better monitor them. They are now all about 4 inches tall while none of the containers in the open have broken ground. The mix used is well drained and I don't anticipate any rotted bulbs, but will see. The lesson for me is to wait and do not plant until the soil warms a bit. Ranunculus for me have been either spectacular or disappointing so I am still learning. Al

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

My Ranunculus planted in the open are now breaking ground, about a week after those in the unheated greenhouse. This winter California has been so dry, much of my summer irrigation has had to turned on, at least sporadically. Al

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I'm REALLY confused now.

I have marginal luck with Ranunculas here in SF. Most of the 'claws' that I plant never come up or if they do, never bloom. But I persist every year planting more because I LOVE the shape and colors.

I always assumed they were a SPRING bloomer. But I just bought a package from HD and on it, it says ranunculas bloom in LATE SUMMER and Fall!! So I thought maybe that is why I rarely get any to bloom - I'm expecting them in Spring but they bloom in late summer?

Now, you note they are pushing up in Feb and you are only 50 miles north of me? None of the ones I planted last year are coming up yet, despite the lack of winter.

I'm confused.

So when DO they bloom? (My neighbor had a pod of red beauties last year and they were blooming in early summer!)

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Most of the country serviced by Home Depot, requires planting after hard frost danger has passed, thus a late summer bloom. For us If we want an early bloom, we can start in our mild winter, though amount of our cold will slow up the sprouting. You can also start some in the house and transplant to extend the season. Planted in the open garden you should think about baiting for slugs, and possibly cover with netting of some kind to protect the sprouts being eaten by birds. They really are a full sun plant for the best flowering, in my case with a largely shady woodland setting, I look for my sunniest spot. Al

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