My tree fell out of it's pot

ryan_tree(7aVA)May 6, 2010

Okay so I fell so much like a beginner for asking this, but one of my Elms fell out of its pot today. I had it in a greenhouse, which I thought was secure, when a strong wind gust came and knocked the grenhouse over. Everything inside the greenhouse fell out of it's pot, so I shouldn't have sai just my elm. But, the elm is the one I am most concerned about. I had just chopped it about a month ago and it was supposed to be recovering.

Anyway, I found the trees lying half in their pots, half out on the ground. I saw the rootball of my elm and it actually looked nice. A lot of white roots had formed and looked good. I quickly gathered all the soil I could and put it back into the pot with the elm.

Long story short, do you think my elm will live?



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Unless you were really clumsy and broke all the new roots, or unless it had really dried out but you didn't water after repotting, then I imagine it should be ok.

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Thanks larke! I think that will live, but my Bald Cypress is probably toast.

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Don't give up on anything! At least give it a chance - lots of water (for the BC) and lots of sun. And let us know if it makes it.

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Well the when I was potting the Baldie back up, I looked at the roots and it appeared that there were SOME white tips, so that's a good sign. Also, a few of the few branches that were on the BC were broke. But, I did see green underneath those branches, so that will hopefully still be somewhat alive. There are only about 5 small branches on the tree, however. Thanks!


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Roots don't all die at the same time. They die incrementally with the finest roots succumbing to adverse cultural conditions first. Over-fertilizing, drought stress, over-watering, heat/cold ...... all take the finest roots first. Even if tertiary and secondary roots die, there is still a possibility that the primary transport roots will break back with fine rootage, so don't give up. Essentially, you have a large cutting that already has SOME roots, though they will be inefficient at uptake of water and nutrients for a time

You really don't want to keep the plant too wet. A damp, rather than a wet soil facilitates water uptake, while protection from wind (tenting would be good, too) and direct sun to slow transpiration so the plant can more easily remain hydrated is a wise course.


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