Bulbs raising their heads already

pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)February 15, 2011

I just looked and I have some tulips or daffs popping their heads through the soil. Looks like tulips. I know I planted some alium bulbs in the fall but I don't think I planted in that location where I saw the sprouts. Seems like this is awfully early for them to be popping up.

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I had questions about that too over a month ago, daffs,tulips, alium and a ton of other bulbs. I was told not to worry. Mine are continuing to do well, despite the occasional freezing snap. None of mine were even bothered by the freezes we got between then and now. So, I wouldn't worry about them. They'll come up whether you want them to or not. When they're ready they're ready. If you are really concerned you can lay a bit of mulch over them, but, right now the only thing I think you really need to worry about is slugs and snails, so, if you haven't already, sprinkle some bait out around the sprouts. :)

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Not to worry. This is entirely normal and very much on schedule for your zone. There are several varieties of narcissus (daffodils) that bloom reliably in February as well as a number of other lesser bulbs that should be blooming about now - early crocus, winter aconites, snowdrops, chionodoxa, etc. Still early for tulips to have a lot of growth but shoots should be showing at or above the soil surface.

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ladychroe(z6 NJ)

Nope, it's fine, most of mine start popping up in late January. My snowdrops are already blooming, in fact.

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Well, certainly the early ones, crocus, snowdrops among them, might pop their heads while snow is still on the lawn but its certainly not usual for tulips, daffs to make their appearance also at this time. Unfortunately, mother nature causes a thaw to come and may make a bulb think its their time and usually, when a stalk pokes its head out it soon learns its mistake and stops further advance. The foliage that might appear, if it is subjected to freezing temperatures will pay the price...the rest of the foliage will make its appearance at the regular time when the soil tells it to.

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Goren, I have no idea where you get your information but it contrary to what most bulb authorities report. It is not at all uncommon for spring blooming bulbs to produce foliage shoots early in the season - often you will see this a good 6-8 weeks before their normal bloom time. Some spring blooming bulbs even produce foliage in fall and it overwinters without issue - muscari and Dutch iris are noted for this.

Bulb foliage is extremely cold hardy and frosts, freezes or snow have virtually no impact. Continued growth will depend on weather conditions and temperature but unless flower buds are already apparent and a severe cold snap occurs, blooming will be unaffected.

A good number of narcissus can produce flowers very early in the season - 'Tete a Tete', 'Jetfire', 'February Gold', 'Rijnveld's Early Sensation' - even through snow and as early as February in many parts of the country and even the large cupped 'Ice Follies' can be expected to be blooming in March in many areas.

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I had snow time and again this year and the daffodils had foliage up since fall and there is no discernable damage. Now I have foliage up on the crocus, daffodils, tulips and irises with another cold snap comming but I don't expect any trouble from it at all.

I do have one daffodil that has a bud on it. That one I'll put a miniature green house on when the temperature is suppose to drop.

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