Crocosmia and Tigridia flower bulbs inquiry.

roly0217February 13, 2010

Hello everybody !! I purchased some bulbs last summer but negrected to plant them after planting over 200 gladiolus and more than 50 lilies. They had been in storage until today that I decided to pot them up. What's the change of this bulbs sprouting and if not bloom at least produce foliage and grow for next year. I've planted them in a Moisture control potting soil. Added time release fertilizer as well as bone and blood meal. I hope that my plants will make it. Thanks for the replies. Happy Gardening !!!

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You're right:

Go ahead & plant 'em.

Even if they don't bloom, they'll make food to store for next year.

If you *don't* plant them, they'll use up their food just surviving & will be less likely to have enough stored to last until next year.

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Thanks for the reply. The bulbs weren't muchy or anything so I figured that I would rather plant them and hopefully they will come up and get the bulbs plumped up if anything. Thanks again and Happy Gardening!!!

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