Satsuki Bonzai and the Arizona Climate

azrandyMay 11, 2008

I recently came into possession of a Satsuki Bonzai. According to the few instructions that came with the plant, it mentions that this particular variety of bonzai is to be kept outside in "morning sun with filtered afternoon sunshine." I live in Glendale, Arizona. Currently (3:30 PM [Mountain Standard Time]) the outside temperature on the patio where the satsuki bonzai is located is 93.4 F. By the time summer rolls around the average mid-day temperature will climb to 112 F. At night, the temperature will cool down to the high 90's. My house faces East and my backyard patio has a West exposure and therefore is situated in such a manner that the bonzai doesn't receive morning sunlight. It's not until later in the afternoon that the plant, if I allowed it, would have exposure to direct sunlight. This is my question - is it safe to keep the plant outside on my back patio protected from direct afternoon sunlight, but still exposed to 100+ degree temps? If not, would the plant survive inside my home where the average summer time temperature is approximately 80 F degrees? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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What might help is to sink the pot into a larger one of mulch and always shield the pot somehow. You'll have to decide how it's doing after a while.

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I have also seen the sun screens (no pun intended) used over the plants to keep the direct hot sun off the plants. I have seen them put on those old fashion pull shades they used to put to cover windows. The one I saw was nesting between to four by four post. The person had attached loops on either side so that he could pull it out and attach it to hooks on two more four by fours. This was all done over an eight by four table that he displayed his trees on, but it worked really well. He could allow the plants to get the early sun, pull out the shade in the heat of the day, and if he wanted or needed to, close it back up again. You will really have to watch its water in the hot dry summers there. Even with my humidity here in Houston, I have to sometimes water my outdoor stuff twice a day when our temps get out of hand. I would imagine with your arid heat, that would be the minimum.

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