Bugs on tulip bulbs

gmom2-6boysFebruary 10, 2009

I bought 2 bags of tulip bulbs from Walmart and they have bugs. Didn't know until I got home. Is there a wash I can use on them before planting in the house? I put the bulbs in a plastic bag and sprayed but they are still there.


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What shape are the bulbs in are the mushy? Make sure to take them out of the bag, and get the bugs off, if the bulbs are mushy I would return them. Bugs on the bulbs does not sound good.

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The bulbs seem to be in good shape. Very solid. A little moisture when I took them out of the bag today. They have started to sprout. So I would like to pot them up as soon as possable, without bugs. They may be aphids. Something that developes into a black flee like bug.

I was thinking of a mild bleach water solution. Then let them dry before planting.


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With no other discription other than "bugs", I think your plan is a good one. Al

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Since the bulbs have been sitting since fall the bugs are likely feeding on the jacket of the bulb or the mold that might be present... not so much the healthy bulb. The bleach bath and getting them in soil sounds good.

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