Scilla siberica not up all the way?

vvesper(7TN)February 24, 2009

OK, this sounds sort of silly. I have scilla siberica that I planted fall 2007. In spring 2008, they didn't come up very far - maybe a couple inches high - and were blooming before the shoots even came out of the ground. I thought it was because it was their first year. This year, they're doing the same thing! I've got intense blue bells peeking out of the ground with no stems! Very odd, and not quite the effect I was going for. I did not mulch over them for the winter or anything, and I don't think they're planted any deeper than they should be (I usually go with 2-3 times the height of the bulb). Anyone know why this is or what to do about it? Thanks!

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That is the growth habit of this bulb. BTW, they will spread easily and seed around, so if you don't like them, you may want to dig them and move them or give them away before they get a foothold. Personally, I think they are lovely plants for a shady woodsy garden....always one of the first to bloom in the Spring. They look particularly lovely with early Daffodils.

If you want a more upright plant, you may want to check into Scilla campanulata, although the blue is not as intense as Scilla siberica.

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Scilla Siberica should eventually bloom on somewhat taller stalks for you - my ancient drifts of them seem to reach bloom stalks maybe 3-4 inches high and the leaves splay somewhat.

I'm in the camp of loving them since parts of the yard turn blue when the last of the snow goes. Drifts in the lawn just get mowed down with the first grass cutting of the season so I never think of them as an invasive little thug.

They reproduce pretty readily here in cold climates - and I think they might do a bit better in the cooler zones - each flower bell produces a green pod which contains many seeds. They fall and each turns into a little bulb which turns into a full fledged plant the next season. And being so small and so numerous, in shadier beds I simply plant right over them, etc.

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Hmmm. I do love the color. I've never seen any flower such an intense blue. Spreading is ok - I will just plant annual seeds on top of them in summer, probably. Perhaps I'll wait a few years and see if they get any taller.... then I'll make a decision. They don't seem to have multiplied much or at all from last year, so maybe I have a couple years before that starts in! Thanks!

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