Bald cypress

frankcbMay 23, 2007


I'am having trouble with one of my bald cypress trees. I purchased it last summer and it grew very well. It is starting to put out buds and shoots all over, but they seem to die off. When I touch them they are dry and fall off. I have another bald cypress right next to it, and it is doing fine. I water them both the same, and they get the same sunlight. Any suggestions why the new growth is dying, and what to do



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How often do you water and how much, and how? They need a lot of water (though the mix should be free draining) and of course should be living outside for life. Have you taken it out of the pot to investigate how the roots look?

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When I watred it today I noticed that the water stayed on top of the soil for awhile before sinkingin.I didn't think it would matter as I heard you can't overwater them, they live in water. Should I water this tree twice a day , or should I replase the soil with fresh faster draining soil?



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You need to soak it well (if slowly) when you do water, til it comes out the drain holes. It may be rootbound (take a look) or just have been allowed to dry out so much the soil turned to concrete (and yes some grit in there would be a good idea, though you might want to wait now until the fall to do it unless you're repotting anyway because of the roots.) You can always allow the top to become dry between waterings, certainly the mix shouldn't be sodden all the time, but I'd water well when you do it.

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