Help, my bonsai is dying!

honeydarlingMay 22, 2009

I realize this post is a shot in the dark, but I also plan to run around all the forums I can find on the Internets and see if they can help me too.

My bonsaiÂs leaves started turning yellow 6 or so weeks ago, pretty much out of the blue. SheÂs been in the same window, receiving pretty much the same amount of water for the last 18 months. Her pot has two big holes in the bottom, so sheÂs never sitting in water. I definitely watered her less over the winter (3-4 times per week) as opposed to the last few months when sheÂs been watered every other day.

I was getting worried and so I ran some plant food through with her watering about three weeks ago. I thought maybe she was just hungry. Her leaves have gotten progressively yellow and feeding didnÂt seem to help.

ThereÂs no heater blowing on her and as far as I can tell, her environment hasnÂt changed. I donÂt see any signs of infestation under the leaves or in the moss, although the yellowing leaves have brown spots that seem to get darker and more pronounced as the leaf becomes more yellow (this could just be part of the yellowing process?).

We took her out of her pot yesterday and I gave her fresh potting soil. SheÂs sitting on the front porch now, although IÂm a little worried itÂs going to get a bit warm for her over the next week or so.

Do you have any ideas? Are there any bonsai doctors out there? I am so worried and sad and I just donÂt know what else to do. Thank you so much if you are able to help. Can you tell me what kind of tree she is?

Picture here:

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'She' huh...ok.
What you have is a Fukien Tea and I suspect you live in North America?
What you have is one of the most finicky tropicals to try and grow/maintain outside of a tropical environment. They don't need much sunlight and will go moody with any major changes in temperature, humidity, etc.
You've also started to do everything you shouldn't do to a suspected sick tree/plant...increase watering, feeding, move it outside to have it's (excuse me 'her') picture taken.
Yellowing dropping leaves are a trait of the plant, especially in wet conditions. It is a tropical and should spring back over time. The pot looks like typical cheap 'malsai' pots, the 'soil' was probably staying wet and the pot was not draining well or much.
Now that you know what it is you can Google and get some care information for 'her'.

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