Moldy tulip bulbs

mmedici(9)February 13, 2006

I live in Zone 9, so I put my tulip bulbs in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for 6-8 weeks in the winter before planting. For the last two years they've grown mold in the refrigerator.

Could I put them into the freezer instead?

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No don't freeze them. If they mold in the refrig they are too wet or do not have any air circulation. Was the plastic bag perforated to allow air flow? I refrigerate mine for three months in the bags they come in and have never had any mold. Al

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medici, take the bulbs out wherever they are and inspect them for any softeness...any sign of mushiness or cuts.
If they appear still firm and without noticeable damage, they may have survived the punishment.
As noted by Al, never put bulbs into a plastic bag that is not left open for air circulation. Paper bags are noted for this purpose...and they are also LEFT OPEN.

The freezer is for food we want kept...but even then, some foods, once frozen, then thawed, become useless...dangerous to eat.
Same for bulbs. Once frozen, then thawed, they turn to mush....and are good for only adding to the compost pile.

Bulbs must be kept in the narrow range of the refrigerator...35 - 50 F.

The mold does suggest they went in there with dampness and the fungus had time to grow.

If they do appear still viable, you might want to dust with a fungicide before planting them.

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Nell Jean

Blue mold is okay, just wipe it off and plant. Black mold is bad -- the one that causes an unpleasant odor and destroys the bulb.


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