Give up on the Juniper and Try Something New? (Pic included)

bwackvMay 21, 2014


I bought a bonsai at home depot about two months ago and it's a Juniper I think. From what I'm reading, they don't belong indoor, especially not with the weak light my apartment in NYC provides. I've attached a picture. It's browing. I believe to save this I can take it home to Pennsylvania where my mother can put in a sandy/barky mix and get it outdoor light as much as possible?

If I can save it in this apartment, or I'm totally wrong about what kind of tree it is what advice can you give me to help it?

Finally, for my low-medium light apartment with little direct sunlight, what beginner Bonsai do you recommend?

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dethcheez(Sunny SoCal Z10)

Sorry no recommendations for a low light indoor bonsai
But don't beat yourself up to bad
If you bought it at HomeDepot chances are it was already dead

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Yes by all means put the Juniper outside. A good low light indoor bonsai is a Ginseng Ficus. I have one. They have bulbous trunks and are quite exotic looking. You can also have Bonsai Jade inside with more light. Just look on Bonsai Boy site and they tell you which ones are good for indoors.

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Thanks for much for your replies. I'll get this outside and find something more appropriate for my apartment. And I won't shop at home depot again (In my defense I was there buying wood and happened upon the Juniper).

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Good luck and remember that if anyone selling bonsai tells you that conifers, Juniper, pine etc. can be kept indoors they are lying and just trying to make a sale.

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