Uncertain of Species

Sparkers30May 2, 2013


Bought this a couple of weeks ago. It looks like it is dying or is poorly. It is wilting a great deal.

I need to sort it out. But could you please tell me the species?

It said 'Ligustrum' on the label that came with the tree when I bought it from Garden Centre, however, considering the Serissa I have was marked as a Zelkova I can't be sure of anything.

(Also if you have any ideas on why it could be wilting it would be very useful. It has happened slowly over the last four days. It isn't taking up water quickly. I was wetting the soil once a day using a squirty bottle or flooding through when it got pretty dry.
At the moment the middle of the soil is slightly moist.
I don't want to water it though in case I am overwatering and this is killing it. But then I don't want to underwater.

It sits on the window sill and gets direct sunlight. It has been quite sunny the last few days. Though given I live in the British Isles it isn't getting blasted by the light.

The soil seems to be general purpose stuff that the garden centre have used. I do have a bonsai soil that I have just bought.

Where would you get started in working out what to do with the tree in its current state of wilting heavily?

Thanks for your help


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If I can help to provide more information by taking more photos, please let me know.

(I am complete beginner with this. I bought a serissa and this plant without realisation how difficult it is to care for them. But although I have ordered books to get trained up in knowing what to do, I need to keep them alive up until I become more savvy. )

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Hopefully your tree still lives...

A photo of the pot, trunk base, and soil, would be helpful. Along with a description of the soil type, and your method for checking moisture content.

Have you by chance re-potted, or disturbed the roots in any way since you got the tree?

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Thanks for your reply. The tree was going downhill fast.

And the water it had been given days ago obviously hadn't soaked up.

I found it was pot-bound. Lots of root and much of it rotten from not taking up water. I removed most of the roots and then put it in a more porous soil.

I hope it lives. I heard these privet trees are quite hardy.

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