Not really Bonsai, but I figured you guys may be able to help.

jsvand5May 7, 2009

One of my animals totally girdled this peach tree. Is their any way aside from trying to find a rootstock and approach grafting it to save this thing? I have heard of a bridge graft but I don't know much about it. The worst part is that the damage is right at the graft line so I can't even just top it.

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Best bet is trash it and start over.
Sorry, but it looks like history.

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Yea, I am ordering another one this week. I attempted a few bridge grafts just to give it a try, but I am not expecting much. If I am able to get the bridge grafts to work will the damaged portion eventually grow together or is it a once it's gone it's gone type thing? I know it will scar over, but will the scarred area transport nutrients if it eventually grows back together? On the back side that is not shown in the pic there is an area that only has about 1/4" wide area that is stripped, so I was hoping if I could get it through the season that at least that area would re-estblish a connection by the fall.

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If one or more of the bridge grafts works before the scion dies then plant it and see what happens. With as much cambium damage as there is I am doubtful that the scion will live. It is also very late and the scion has already, I am guessing, got hardened off leaves.

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