Well, I had good intentions.

denninmi(8a)February 3, 2011

I have been forcing bulbs for the winter for a number of years.

In years past, I kept them in my garage, which is barely heated. Worked out OK, but they would all grow and bloom by early March.

This year, I decided it would be nice to keep most of them outdoors. So, I brought in about a dozen pots, and put about 3 dozen outdoors with the thought of bringing them in. I did a shallow trench, enough to shelter them adequately, OR SO I THOUGHT. Then, covered with boards, bagged leaves, evergreen boughs. And, I did this against the base of my greenhouse, so the snow falling off would further insulate them.

Well, half an hour of trying to excavate them was for naught -- the organic materials and boards are just all cemented together with runoff water. I could SEE a couple of little sprouts underneath here and there, happily waiting for spring, but I just couldn't get the pots out.

Oh well, perhaps we'll have a February or March thaw, and I can get to them then.

In the meantime, the ones I did bring in are blooming -- right now, I've got hyacinths, crocus, tete a tete's, and another Narcissus cultivar whose name escapes me at the moment.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

There's a plus! The mousies and voles and squirrels and co. won't be able to get in either!

Just wondering: if you put an ag-plastic cloche over the top to keep the rain off? Or those heat cap thingies? I use long gro-tunnels for some things and I find them great for moderating the weather (though I never get your sort of snow/ice).

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