Trunk Chopping a Chinese Elm???

rlugo(Z9)May 5, 2011

Is it too late to trunk chop a Chinese Elm in Floridas climate? Also, is it safe to chop it below the first branch???

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

It should be no problem IF the plant is healthy and currently growing with good vitality - especially if some of the spring flush has already matured. Yes - it's safe to chop it below the first branch. If the tree is very old, most of the back-budding will occur from the cambium around the wound, so I would be sure to cover well with cut paste (I apply water-proof wood clue to the cut) or similar to keep the wound from drying back. If the tree is young and the bark still pretty smooth, it will back-bud randomly along the trunk. Again though, you can't cut back a tree that's circling the drain & expect it to back-bud fir you. With most trees, you wouldn't want to risk cutting back so close to the spring flush, but U parvifolia is so genetically vigorous that trees in good vitality should tolerate it fine.


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The tree is healthy and growing like a weed. It's only a couple of yrs old so the bark is smooth.

Thanks Al

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