Nard - Polianthes tuberosa

consentidaFebruary 9, 2009

I wonder if anybody knows any supplier of these bulbs in Canada or any supplier in the US that would ship to Canada. These are gorgeous blooms that with an exquisit perfume. Thank you!

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Who have you tried in the US? Here's Brent & Becky's site, it does not say they won't ship to Canada -

Here is a link that might be useful: Spring & Summer bulbs

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Paula, the last one I had tried was Touch of Nature. The owner told me it was extremely troublesome and expensive to ship to Canada for just an order. Nevertheless, Bert was extremely helpful and just this morning he emailed me the names of 2 nurseries in Montreal who will carry them later on in spring. So, at the end of March I will be able to buy them and plant them. I can't wait!!

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If you haven't grown them before, start them indoors for a head start. Use Miracle Gro on them outside to get them to bloom before the end of the season. They are wonderful, I grow them every year :-D

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Paula, thanks for the tip. I never grew them before, so I don't know too much. I will plant them and use Miracle Grow on them to get them to bloom this summer . How do store them for the winter, so they bloom the following year. Any particular way? I have to bring them indoors for the winter, of course, and I assume the bulbs will be dormant during this period, but Do I have to feed the plant before I put it to sleep? you are so right, these are wonderful.

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Dig them before hard frost in fall, rest them on some newspaper or cardboard inside until they dry, clean off the dirt, store in basement around 65 degrees +/- in a box. I do the same for caladium. I keep them in a cabinet.

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Perfect! Now I'm ready and impatient for the bulbs to arrive at the nursery. I'll let you know how successful I am

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