How much do large juniper bonsai cost?

timeoMay 14, 2009

My dad wants to buy me a bonsai for my birthday but we are wondering how much do the big ones cost. He found a nursery that has what i think are juniper bonsais around 1 1/2 feet tall for around $140. Is this a good price? Anything I would need to know about them? I grow jade bonsais and know a little about basic care.

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It depends upon the AGE and what type of Bonsai it is. I just paid about $200 for a 17" high Chinese Yew (Podocarpus) that is 13-years old and I think it was a fair price.

Better (and less expensive) choices for beginners would be Hawaiian Umbrella Trees (dwarf Schefflera) or Ficus (various spp). 14-18" tall specimens of these bonsais should be available for under $100.

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Of course you could also opt for a very large Juniper in a nursery container for maybe $40 to 50, style it then get dad to pop for a decent pot for it?

Along the way you'll get your hands dirty, learn a little more and be able to say you actually worked that tree to the form it's in. Just my thought.


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