Where can I buy bulbs now for forcing indoors

happyday(WI4a)February 19, 2011

I want to buy bulbs, now, to force indoors, prechilled if they require it. Can anyone recommend a company that is selling prechilled bulbs for forcing that will ship right now?

Also, what bulbs require chilling and which do not? I usually force daffodils and hyacinths. I want flowers that are fragrant, that is the most important consideration.

Can anyone recommend a bulb that can be forced, is fragrant, and does not require prechilling?

Can anyone recommend a variety of miniature daffodil that is especially fragrant?

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You want them to bloom this season? Like in the next month or two?

There are no bulbs available now that will fit those requirements. They have been sold months ago. Or tossed out if not sold. It is too late to force them for this season. All spring flowering bulbs require a chilling period, whether it is in the ground under naturally cold conditions or refrigerated and potted for forcing. The exception would be paperwhite narcissus, but unless you find an unusual source that still has some left, these too will have all been sold. Most are forced into bloom for the holidays and are already sprouted at that time. They just don't keep well.

What you can find now are prestarted bulbs that are either already in the process of being forced - like tulips - or ready to be planted out into the ground for blooms at their normal time. Sometimes groceries will have them but all the local garden centers here are featuring them now. Might be a bit later in your zone. If you leave these indoors in warmth and bright light, they will bloom early. I've got a pot of prestarted hyacinths indoors ready to bloom any day.

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Prestarted bulbs are bulbs that are sold planted in potting soil in a pot? I've seen those. Guess I may have to buy them instead of bare bulbs.

I did buy bulbs last fall but they didn't look good after the chilling period. I thought that some nurseries might have prechilled bulbs but guess they sold them all to the nurseries that prestart them.

Thanks for explaining.

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