Sprouting time?

bmx88dMay 24, 2006

Just curious if anyone knows the approx. range of jack pine seed germination. Ive seen Online bonsai journals from 13 days to 3 weeks. I'm curious because i have planted 40 seeds and only 1 has sprouted. It sprouted the 15th day after planting, its now the 3 week eve, and none others have sprouted. Am i screwed? or am i just impatient? how much longer should i wait?

Also, what are some good ways to help ready my trees for the upcoming winter? (aside from keeping them outside)

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Did you cold stratify the seeds prior to planting? For how long? What are they planted in?

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Yes, for a 7 days, and they are in those peat pellets

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Seven weeks would be more like it - 7 days isn't nearly long enough.

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jack pines dont require cold stratification, or atleast thats what ' read. in any case, i have one sprouted so i mean, my stratification was sufficient

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