Bulbs in container from Costco

annie12345(WA state)February 12, 2011

I purchased a box with several layers of different bulbs planted from costco. They are supposed to emerge and bloom at different times making a long lasting bulb box. I lost the instructions! I have been keeping them outdoors and in the dark since I got them last fall, but I don't remember when I'm supposed to open up the box. None of my ground planted bulbs have emerged yet, so I guess maybe they should stay covered until I see some of the outdoor ones pop up. If anyone has any clue what I'm talking about, and knows what the instructions were, I'd love to know. I wish I knew what happened to the instructions that came with it.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

If you have not looked in the box, you may find quite a few early sprouts already sprouted. I don't know why the box would be left closed. Al

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

There might be an address of grower on the box and maybe an 800#..check to see and call them for directions.

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annie12345(WA state)

Unfortunately, when I removed the planter box from the packaging I set the box on top of the packaging and in a fit of neatening, someone thought it was trash and threw it away. There is no name on the planter. No identifying information. Not even the company. That's why I asked here if anyone had also purchased them and knew how long I was supposed to keep them covered. I think it was until the frost was over, but I'm not sure. I peeked in the box and some of the bulbs are up, but it is in the low 20's here tonight and none of my planted in the ground bulbs are up so I'm a bit afraid to open the box. I guess I could take them in at night. It's not that big of a box that it would be difficult to move.

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Call Costco, they should have the information on file. Once you know the company info, you shouldn't have any problem finding instructions, etc.

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Where are you in Washington state? I am in the Puget Sound area and bulbs here are well up - crocuses are blooming, many of the early daffs already have buds apparent and tulips and hyacinths are all showing growth above ground.

I'd open the container and place outdoors now. You could certainly tuck it into a protected area if the temps gets very cold but spring blooming bulbs can tolerate a lot of cold and it would take several days of below freezing temps to freeze the soil completely.

And I hope the container received at least some water over winter. The bulbs need some soil moisture to produce roots, which in turn will produce topgrowth. A totally dry situation is not desirable.

Light, water and relative warmth is all that is necessary - you don't need any more detailed instructions than that :-)

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annie12345(WA state)

We're in the mountains up above Sequim. We are amazed how much later bulbs come up, up here, compared to down in town. About the time the town tulips are wilting, ours will come up. So we get to enjoy them twice! It's in the low 20's up here at night.

I took the top off the box today and brought them up onto the porch close to the house at night. Hope that keeps them warm enough!

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