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head_cutterMay 23, 2013

Hi all, was pruning a ficus around 3 years ago and stuck this pencil sized cutting in the back garden. We were cleaning up a few months ago and I found it. Now it 'was' about 6' tall.

The base is a healthy 6 cm and the surface roots were interesting so I took the time to pot it up. Since I 'stumped' it I'll just grow in a crown to hide the top. Nothing earth shaking but it should make a nice little tree in the future.

It's been cut back severely three times - back to the last leaf - then allowed to re-grow.


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paul_(z5 MI)

Personally, I think that is very cool.

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BOB,,Long time not talking to you.. love the trunk !! are you planning a new apex for it now ??? it is not fair that trees grow so well and fast for you !!!! hope every thing is going good for you..take care john

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Been busy with the cafe and other things. Just going to grow a broad canopy to hide the cut - actually since I posted that pic it's grown in a lot; almost time to cut it back again.

It was a branch cutting so most of the new branches are growing horizontal to the trunk. Probably won't need much wiring to get new branches in the right position.

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