head_cutterMay 15, 2009

I'll try to post some pics in the future but Photobucket has been acting very retarded for some reason of late.

I made a little trip over to Buon Me Thuot (in the central highlands near the Laotian border) and stumbled across a fantastic little nursery. It all needed a lot of work and I would have had trouble bringing something back on the moto but...

Large mature Fukien Tea, semi-styled and in pots but neglected--big hunky Ficus the same way--boxwood and a ton of other stuff. All of this stuff was from 2' to 3-4' tall and I don't think there was a base under 8" in the lot.

The average price was 800.000 VND or about $45 US and that was just me asking, no barganing.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I hear you, Bob.
Photobucket has not been user-friendly on my end, either.
I did fill out their survey yesterday, and mentioned the difficulties I've experienced
over the past few months. For instance, I'd like to be able to post multiple clickable
thumbnail images....but that option seems to have disappeared.

I have some new projects going, as well, but I haven't posted yet. Soon, yes, soon.

Thanks for the heads up, as it were ;)


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