Want to take bulbs to new home

flower_lover_ga(z7GA)February 4, 2013

I live in GA. and I want to dig up my bulbs and move to my new home. They have started to come up. I move in 30 days. Should I dig them now or wait a few weeks. Your help is appreciated.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

When you get to your new home - is the ground where you want to plant already prepared? Or will you have to dig it over first?

Are you talking Lots of bulbs (as in dozens or hundreds) or a more modest number?

If the weather turns nasty (freaky snowfall, never-ending rain) what's your back-up plan?

I don't know what you call them - I know them as 'dixies' - big plastic tubs used in commercial kitchens for fish and such. If you have something similar you could fill them with coarse damp sawdust and hold your bulbs (plus any dirt around their roots) in such tubs until you are able to till the ground. You'd have to keep them in a cool-ish area, sheltered from the rain, so the bulbs don't either drown or start celebrating an early spring, however.

Are you able to access your new yard now? Or must you wait out the month for vacant possession before you can start work in the yard? If you can start now, without causing the previous owners any grief, I'd lift the earliest bulbs and shift them.

If you know you have pest plants in your present garden that you'd hate to see in the new one - you might choose to quarantine your bulbs, and the dirt around their roots, in containers until any seeds have sprouted. Or place the bulbs so you can keep an eye on them over the spring/early summer to ensure a high level of weed control.

Hope the weather stays kindly for your venture.

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Thank you for this great info. That's pretty much my thoughts. So, I feel confident it'll all go well.

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Karolina11(6b Central PA)

Keep in mind that if you have sold your current home then the plants and shrubs are fixtures and cannot be moved without the permission of the buyer. I am going through the same thing now as we are selling our home so I had to be specific and list what plants were not included in the sale.

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No problem with that, Karolina. I got my info on digging them up and caring for them from Walter Reeves. Thanks for your great responses Karolina and vertivert. It's great to come and get together with fellow gardeners to check and Idouble check what is best for our "plants, and flowers". I didn't know Walter Reeves would respond and they did. Thank you all.

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My understanding from listening to a long term gardening radio show, is that if the bulbs are about to bloom or starting to bud (like daffs and tulips) then if you dig them up now they will likely not bloom and may not bloom next year. But if they are still really dormant right now, i.e. will be blooming much later in the year (summer and fall) then you can dig them up now. In any case, if you have to get to it now, I don't think it will be a major problem, as bulbs are pretty resiliant, that's why we love them.

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ofionnachta(z6 WNJ)

If the plants can be divded or should be divided to be healthy, then even if the new owner knows they are there and expects them, there is not harm in dividing them and taking some to the new home, &leaving the rest. If they are spring bulbs the new owner probably does not even know they are in the ground unless you had a lot of photos of the gardens in spring, in the listing.

You can check with the buyer too---some people not only do not know what is in the garden; they are going to pull it all up & replace it with something else, or worse, nothing.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I'm a new owner and having fun seeing various bulbs come up all over the place! I walk around with DH and his weed killing spray, and he asks me if he can hit this or that.

Bulbs look so different from weeds, but he can't tell the dif, so I make sure he doesn't hit the good stuff!

We purchased a very neglected and overgrown property, and are systematically clearing the 1.4 acres it occupies. The bulbs are coming up closer to the house, and I can't wait for the blooms!

I was thrilled with a patch over a foot square of Narcissus! Beautiful early spring blooms! Now I look forward to what I think is Iris!

Good luck moving your bulbs!


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