Please can someone tell me what this is and why it is dying?

MediatorMatthewsJune 24, 2013


We got this about a month ago. We soak it for twenty minutes in a bucket of water twice a week as instructed, using a few drops of fertilizer in the water. It was great until last week and has now started suddenly going brown. Can anyone help?


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paul_(z5 MI)

I think the first and foremost problem is that it is growing on the ceiling.

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soaking it twice a week is really really improper as far as watering. the tree is probably drying out and then getting too saturated. also if you are giving it fertilizer every time it gets water that is way too much as well. The tree also need to get pruned back a bit so that it doesn't have too work so hard to get water and nutrients out to the far ends. For watering give it a nice soaking daily and get it out into the sun - this is a holly variety it looks like and it needs sun.

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