Can you identify this flower?

tigrrrl(Zone 9)February 1, 2009

I moved to a new home last summer and have been discovering all sorts of new flower and tree varieties as the seasons change. I grew up in Southern California, but I have never seen this flower before (or noticed it anyway). My mother also has it growing at her home on the central coast, but she doesn't know the name either. As you can see, the hummingbirds LOVE it...can anybody tell me the name?

Thank you!

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tigrrrl(Zone 9)

Here's another one. It looks like Lily of the Valley, but has green circles on the petals and does not flare out as much as the photos I've seen. Is it another variety of bulb altogether?? Can anyone recommend a good photo reference book for bulb, corms, etc.? or even a website? Thanks!

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

The first looks like Montbretia. The second Leucojum. Both multiply well.

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tigrrrl(Zone 9)

Got it! Thank you. Both of those are spot on! Now do you know what variety it is? It seems too orange to be "Lucifer".

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It will probably be difficult to pinpoint the exact species and/or cultivar, because many of those look alike.
It is most likely one of the following 2 species, that are often available from local and mailorder sources:
C. masoniorum
C. x crocosmiiflora
Here's a link to PBS Wiki that shows the 2, plus 'Lucifer'
Click on CROCOSMIA /upper left/ to display photos.

Another website that has many photos of Crocosmia...

Crocosmia species and Cultivars
Select Crocosmia photos or Crocosmia photos2 from the menu on the panel at the left, to view thumbnails. Click on the thumbnail for a larger photo and the name of the plant.

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columbiasc(Columbia SC)


I was in San Diego a week or so back and saw a sample of the Leucojum outside a house a few doors down from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Le Jolla. I was surprised to see it there. I live in SC and it is one of my favorite spring bulbs. I believe it is Gravette Giant. I may be a few letters off on the spelling. As for a reference book, I like Scott Ogden's "Garden Bulbs of the South" but I would like to find a companion book with more photos. You can also check some of the bulb websites like and they usually have photos.

I brought home a piece of an interesting succulent that spread out like a ground cover with an orange bloom. I'm testing it in my climate.


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columbiasc(Columbia SC)

I lost the email from whoever it was that asked me to share my San Diego souvenir. Contact me in aobut 6 months and let's see how it does here. Not enough to share at this time but maybe it will flourish.


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