Is there any hope for tulips that were stored over the winter?

luvahydrangea(Albany, NY 5)February 22, 2009

I have a bag of 60 tulip bulbs that I forgot to plant in the fall. They've been in the hallway (un-insulated for the most part). It gets cold enough out there that water will freeze. Should I put them in the ground in the spring when the ground thaws, or just wait until fall? Tulips don't bloom here until May. Thanks for any advice.

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ok, it sounds good that they have been in the cold hallway. I have a couple of ideas for you. you may plant them in the spring. but until then keep them in a constantly cool and DARK area, it's best thats it's dark so they wont sprout. then the should grow in the spring, but I have not had experience with this. here another idea. you could pot them up in pots. and then keep them moist and in a constantly cool DARK area this should get them to form somewhat of a root system before spring. the cool and moist soil help them from roots. thats why Tulips are planted in the fall.! I've had great success with daffodils put in a cool fridge. but they have been in there since January. I hope this helps give you some ideas in what to do. these are just my ideas in what I would do.

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If your soil is frozen so hard you can not dig I would go with hostalover's suggestion. If you can dig now I would plant them now. Al

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luvahydrangea(Albany, NY 5)

Thank you for the replies. The ground here will be frozen for some time to come, then it will get soggy as our soil is clay and once the snow all melts it will not be immediately workable.

I think I will try potting them up and putting them in our basement. At least that way they can grow some roots. Once it gets warmer out I will try bringing them up. I guess at that point I can plant them outside in the spring?

Thanks again for your help.

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as soon as your ground is workable I would go ahead and plant them. thats generally around April 1st here in Wisconsin, thats what I do with mine. just try to get them in pots with soil, watered and in a cool spot right away! temps between 30 and 40 are the best for root development.

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luvahydrangea(Albany, NY 5)

I potted them all up today and watered them. They're in the basement (hopefully the cat won't mistake them for litter boxes.) They had some growth coming out the tops, but no roots. Also, they seemed a hollow. I'm going to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Thanks for all the advice.

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