new tiger lilly bulbs sprouting.

stroja62February 24, 2009

i just bought these bulbs today and they have sprouts already after sitting in a bucket so if put them in a vase with water on the roots will they grow and sprout or do they have to be put outside in soil.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Usually they are planted quite deeply so the soil insulates them from summer heat. That way they don't wither away to nothing in one season.

You can plant them in biggish containers which would give them about eight inches of root room and four inches or so of cover. Be prepared to check them over each year because the bulbs multiply quite quickly and they run out of both room and food. (Hungry feeders.)

In the garden they make lovely patches of colour but they're probably best at the back of a border so they can act as a green background to other plants in front when they finish flowering.

Do 'mark the spot' as they are very easy to stab when weeding or working around them.

They appreciate liquid fertiliser as they're growing. Half-strength weekly, if you have to water often. They don't do well if they dry out.

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