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mona_gardenerFebruary 19, 2009

My boyfriend just bought me a potted tulip plant and I have no idea how to care for it. However I have no yard to plant it so I know it wont last as long as I'd like it to. What can I do to get the most use out of it? Also I can only keep it outdoors during the day because stray cats get into everything during the night. Can I move it indoors at night? Thank you!

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Yes you can move it in at night. When your plant is through blooming it really is not worth trying to keep it, unless for sentimental reasons. To keep it for next year you would need to let it go dormant in the pot and then store the pot until about September when you would need to chill it for at least 6 weeks at a temperature just above freezing. Now bring it back into the room temperatures and in about another 6 weeks it will grow and bloom. I doubt your boyfriend would expect you to do this on the chance it will bloom again next year. Let him buy you another one next year so you can show him your appreciation. Al

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I bought my wife a potted tulip plant and was wondering if the bulbs could be removed from the pot now and replanted outside in the ground at a later time. If so, what is the procedure.

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Fih69 you should let all the foliage die back, turn yellow and dry out. keep it water until then, and then you can take it out and plant them in the fall. it make take a year or 2 to flower because Tulips and spring flowers you get this time of year have been "forced" so they need to build up strength hope this helps.

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flt69 answering your posts would be more appropriate if your name included your zone. Al

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Sorry, I am in Maryland.

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