Mid-February - Too late to plant daffs/tulips

mistynikulaFebruary 12, 2010

We got a bunch of bulbs from my mother-in-law last fall and have not gotten around to planting them... we've been experiencing exceptionally warm weather and many other bulbs (crocuses and daffs) are starting to come up and bloom. What would be the best thing for us to do with our bulbs? Plant them now, even if they don't bloom this year. Or store them until Fall? We have several dozen and could get them in the ground within a few days if needed.



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Plant them now and hope for the best. If not planted, next fall they will be very weak and not likely to survive. Planting them now will allow them to rebuild their energy for next year even if they do not bloom. You do not indicate your zone and your location may not be cold enough for your tulips to be chilled. If that is the case you could dig them after the foliage dies down and refrigerate until about December when they can be replanted. Al

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Al, the OP lives in WA state and there is no need to prechill spring flowering bulbs here before planting :-) But I do agree to plant them now - they will be far happier in the ground than in any kind of storage. They should produce foliage, albeit late, but that should be sufficient for them to photosynthesize and re-energize the bulbs.

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I think they should be fine to plant now, as long as the ground isn't frozen. You will certainly get your share of cold temps before the spring.

I forgot about some daffodil bulbs 2 years ago and found them in February. I planted them on one of our warmer days and they came up and bloomed perfectly that spring. I"m in central Maryland.

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Ahhh......daffodils are blooming here NOW :-) Planting them at this time of year in the PNW will not result in flowering this season but the OP should see flowers from the bulbs next year.

And in much of the PNW soils never freeze. Or no more than an inch or two in very cold weather but we've managed to avoid nearly any of that this season and no predictions for any more cold. We are running about 10 degrees above normal and have been since early December. We haven't even had any significant frost for several months.

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