New tulips staying short with buds !

Prettypetals_GA_7-8February 28, 2012

All of my tulips planted last fall are staying short and coming up with the bud about to bloom. None of them are getting very tall, foliage or bloom stem. I'm talking 2 or 3 inches tall. Thats it!!! Could it be because of our extremely warm winter? I was thinking since they were new they would have all the energy built up to make them bloom normal but none of them are. Thanks for your help, Judy

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Hi Judy,

I believe it is because of the winter being very warm this year. I live in southern California and I have to chill my tulip bulbs every year to get them to bloom normal. The ones that I forget to dig up, come back the following year just as you described since I don't get as much winter chill that tulips need.


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You know my tulips I had from last yr are coming up sporatically but are getting tall. So since these were new I figured they had the energy stored in them from the grower and they would bloom fine even if we didn't have a cold winter. So I guess that not true, right? So frustrating!! Judy

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Yes Judy, it is frustrating. Your climate is right on the edge where some may grow normally. The only to have consistent results is to pre-chill. Al

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Thanks Brian and Al! Hopefully next yr will be colder and I will have a better spring display. Take care, Judy

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

I chilled mine this year for 8 weeks in the fridge and they are still short: Darwins only about 1 foot high...don't know if it's the warm winter or if I got mis-labelled bulbs. They are the right color though, so I tend to think it's the extraordinarily warm January-February we've had.

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Having a similar problem here in Zone 7 of Central VA with Daffodils. The new bulbs I planted last fall are 3" or so tall and some with buds of about the same height. They should be seven/eight inches tall at least. I DO think it has to do with the warm winter . . . for tulips OR daffs.

Here in ole Virginie we've had temps going down and then going back up again. Seesawing. Previous winters/springs were more even and my daffodils produced foliage and buds normally. I think that confuses the bulb foliage/bud production. Ah well. There's always next year.

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Finally most of mine have gotten some height on them. I was so worried I wasn't going to have any at all blooming then all of a sudden they all started popping outta the ground and rising tall. They look beautimous!!

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