Uggh... Bulbs and what I think may be too much bark

sydneye(7b)February 5, 2011

So, I had posted a message about 3 weeks ago regarding I planted about 100 bulbs back in October with everything ranging from Darwin hybrid tulips, to narcissus thalia and narcissus trumpet, fritillaria meleagris, Allium and Scilla Siberica. I had been concerned about them emerging early, but, now I'm worried that they wont make it through the bark that was just put down today. Our neighbor had excess bark and offered to have the rest "blown" into our yard... Not only has that ended up to be an enormous mess, but, I am noticing that a lot of my plants got completely covered, so, spent about an hour before it got too dark to work trying to uncovered the poor things. In some places, it looks like there may be as much as 3 inches of bark blown in. Should I be concerned about the depth of the bark and the bulbs that I placed? Do I need to see about removing some of the bark?

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Most bark will NOT compact and be a problem for bulbs to grow through. Al

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ladychroe(z6 NJ)

They'll come right up through the bark.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Yep. I didn't get my mulch in last fall until alot of my bulbs were an inch or more out of the ground. I covered them with several inches of pinestraw. It took several weeks, but they all came on up through it.

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Thank you, I am feeling a lot better now... Luckily, I don't think all the bulbs were planted *quite* as deep as they should have been, I was just concerned to see so much bark standing on top of all my hard work!

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