My fukien tea bonsai is dying

hannahannah21June 30, 2013

Hi everyone,
I have a Fukien tea bonsai and I changed the soil about 6 weeks ago and about 2-3 weeks after the leaves started turning yellow and falling off - from the lower branches up. The leaves are now dying up to the middle level and the branches and trunk look wrinkly.

I haven't over watered - I judge that by the water content of the soil. I just wanted to know if there was any way I could save it? Or have I had it?
Any help would be much appreciated.

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How often do you water? Where is it situated (by window, kitchen counter, coffee table etc). What potting mix did you use and did you fertilize recently? Have you checked for any sign of pests? What condition were the roots when you repotted? Can you post a pic, it'd be a massive help! Sorry for all the questions lol :D

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