crocus coming up in Atlanta. & forcing question

jvanFebruary 2, 2009

I noticed some crocus coming up already at my home here in Atlanta. We're expecting some freezing weather; will they be okay? are they that hardy or will they die and come back? I noticed one daffodil popping up too. This is my first experience with bulbs!

and i've just put some crocus bulbs from my fridge into a pot. i plan to put into a room with light and let them come forth. I assume this is the right tactic?


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In the bulb world, crocus are considered pretty early risers and I'm not surprised yours are showing signs of life - I'd expect mine to be in bloom in the next few weeks. They are also extremely cold tolerant and will bloom regardless of weather conditions, even poking their noses and flower buds through light snow.

Forced crocus will grow and bloom very quickly if provided enough warmth and long as they have received a sufficient chill period in the frig.

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