How long do cut amaryllis flowers last in a vase?

ginny12February 10, 2007

I am starting to see amaryllis flowers at florists. I mean cut flowers, not still attached to the bulb. I am thinking of trying that with some of mine. Does anyone know how long they last in water? Has anyone tried this? Some of the red flowers would look gorgeous in a Valentine's arrangement and I'd like to try it.

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Ginny...that would depend on the variety. Some would last at least 7 days and some would last for 2 weeks. Cooler temp. would make the flowers last longer and changing of vase water everyday helps a lot.

I'm just wondering, how much did they cost?

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I don't remember the cost, Maria--just more than I'd pay for cut flowers. The one I cut is a four-year-old bulb I have that blooms reliably every year, despite the neglect it receives from me.

It was a gift. Everyone gives me red amaryllises, even tho I ask for other colors, because I am sick of red after Christmas. I cut this after I posted and put it in a vase as part of a Valentine display. I love it--just hope it lasts at least a week. Thank your for the tip about changing the water every day--will do.

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Your very welcome Ginny. I know what you mean about getting tired of red after X'mas. I had amaryllises blooming inside the house since last Thanksgiving and I make it a point to alternate my bloom colors from red, white, pink, green, salmon etc. by planting the bulbs at least a week apart. They keep me busy but very happy during the cold months. Hope your cut flower last long.

One more tip: Cutting the pollen from the flowers help them last longer too.

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Thanks for that tip too, Maria. I wondered about that. I always cut the stamens off lilies but wasn't sure about amaryllises. I will do that right away. It is now Tuesday and the one I cut Saturday looks gorgeous. Another bud has opened so it doesn't seem to mind being in water in a vase. I cut two more from a white one this morning, for a different vase. So pretty!

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The flowers that were open a week ago are beginning to look tired but another is open. So for this cultivar, I guess a little over a week is the answer. In case anyone else has the same question.

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Thanks for the tips and letting post my question.

It is the first time I plant amaryllis, but I let the flowers in the stem until they died, but at the very base of the flower (not the stem) are growing like little bulbs. Now my question is, could these little bulbs left from the flowers be planted and how long should I let them before cutting the stem?
I am afraid to cut the stem and then lose these possible amaryllis bulbs.

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