early blooming tulips

petunia02(7)February 25, 2010

I received a pot of tulips for Valentine's Day. They have bloomed and are now fading away. It is still cold here in zone 7 (20-40). My question is this--when can I put these tulips in the ground. I know they won't bloom again--I just want them to survive.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

A possible option is to plant them on into a larger pot.

When you look at the bottom of the pot they're in - are the roots sneaking out through the holes? If 'yes', try for a pot that is about three to four inches deeper and plant them on. Do your best to leave the bulb bunch undisturbed but don't worry if it does 'come from together'.

If the leaves are still green then water them in. If they're not - use a damp potting mix only. Keep them in good light and out of the frost as they've been used to a cosier life for a while now.

Make sure your pot is labelled with the usual info so you don't end up in autumn 'wondering'...

Unless you have ferociously hot summers then you can leave the bulbs in the pot but keep it in a shaded place. The mix provides quite a bit of insulation for the bulbs and protects from dehydration.

If you know that things in pots frizzle in your type of summer - ignore that and shake out the bulbs when the leaves have died off. Keep them in a net sack, out of reach of mousies, in a cool and shaded place. Plant out later than for daffodils, usually.

If you know you need to fridge first - put a big note to yourself ahead on your calendar to remind you.

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vetivert8, Thank you so much for the info. Looks like they will "summer over" in a larger pot in the shade. Thanks again!

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It is always better for the bulbs to be in the ground rather than attempting to store them. Plant them outside as soon as your soil is workable (not frozen or overly wet). Until then, keep them intact and just barely moistened. Don't cut off any foliage but you can (should) remove the old flower stems. Zone 7 should not require any prechilling.

Here is a link that might be useful: read this - same question

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