Help Save my poor little tree

SigueJune 16, 2014

I bought this poor little guy about a month ago from a garden show and a reputable vendor. It was green and perfect when I bought him.

It's a Gmelina philippensis or parrots beak.

Now the leaves are yellowing, curling up, and falling off, It's dying.

I've been keeping it outside, in mixed shade/light space. We've been getting a lot of rain here and it's been much cooler than normal for summer but not cold.

I brought him inside yesterday to see if it helps.

Any recommendations would be great.


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Looks like it might have had too much rain, especially if the soil mix does not drain immediately (bonsai mixes are often soil-less, with very small gravel, bark bits and perlite, etc. But high light is important, so if you have either some kind of supplement (LOW hanging fluorescent) or a very sunny sill, that would help. Also high humidity (but not high soil water) is important - not sure if the tree's ideal for Colo.!

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